YARÓ 150: Modular, Light and Fast, multi-payload with underwing hard points


Yaró (Harpy in Yanomami language) is a proven in extreme operational environments. Yaró is an advanced, rugged and reliable aircraft, designed for flexible payload integration.

Yaró 150 is the new 2022 airframe, slimmer, lighter, and even more aerodynamically capable, with the highest cruise speed in its Class.

Yaró 150 HLS is a light tactical (Class II) 150kg MTOW version, designed for the US market, tightly following NATO STANAG 4703/AEP-83 standards, and Yaró 150 LE is the non-restricted exports version, configured for international sales.

This airframe is designed for long-endurance, day and night, all-weather ISR/ISTAR, ELINT, and advance multi-sensor remote sensing applications. Yaró 150 has two underwing hardpoints for pods or pylons.

Powered by an exclusive fuel-injected engine, Yaró 150 is designed for maximum safety and reliability along its life-cycle.

Rugged, modular, easy to transport, easy to operate, incomparably cost-effective. With simple logistics, this modular aircraft can be operated by three servicemen (pilot, sensor operator and mechanic) from remote, inhospitable out posts.

Yaró is our first UAS family class program started in 2008, with the first commercial version launched in 2011. It was originally designed for large-scale surveying in the Amazon, where environmental conditions are extremely rugged and support infrastructure is almost inexistent.

Our first Yaró model was the venerable 450 single-engine, then followed by our dependable flagship, the Yaró 650 twin-engine model in 2011.

Since then, the Yaró UAS family is updated to take advantage of advances in electronics miniaturization and sensor detection range, increasing aircraft speed, and flight height and range capabilities.

  • Endurance [hrs]Range [Km]Payload [kg]
  • 8112035
  • 10137030
  • 12162024
  • 14186019
  • 16210014

General Specifications (Yaró LE)

  • Wingspan 655cm
  • MTOW150kg
  • Empty Weight85kg
  • Payload<60kg
  • Max. Velocity210km/h
  • Cruise Velocity150km/h
  • Take-off velocity120km/h
  • Take-off Distance<370m
  • Endurance<18hrs
  • Range2500Km

Yaró LE

Yaro HLS

Yaro X-150 Modular Architecture

All payload bays are suited with removable, swappable aluminium cartridges for easy payload installation without having to keep the aircraft grounded during the procedure. Without the central payload bays, the space available for big payload is then is 1400m in length, 400mm in width, and 380mm in height (with a modified camel cover, sensor height can reach 600mm). Two gimbal hardpoints are available under the fuselage.