TESTING, validation, and INTEGRATION

Engineering Services

Aerofoundry is an Aeronautics Design House. We specialize on aircraft design and manufacturing, from concept to flight. Aeronautics Engineering is in our DNA.

Our advanced platforms are designed following a multidisciplinary method, attaining the best aerodynamic and structural efficiency for the conceptual predefined constraints. We offer performance, fuel efficiency, easier payload integration, flexible operation, and cost-efficient maintenance and support.

Our Engineering Department can integrate your selected payload into our airframes, or we can support your payload integration work, including testing and validation. Or you can choose from several off-the-shelf payload implementations we have available, already validated by our engineers to address the most frequent applications.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

We work for payload integrators selling unmanned solutions on top of our proven airframes.  

All OAF are designed for easy integration with a wide spectrum of avionics, autopilots, and payload. However, if those airframes are not enough to choose from, we have more than 20 alternative airframe designs, tested and validated, from where you can setup a more personalized solution.

We supply our airframes as ready-to-fly aerial platforms for those integrators to setup their configurations (where we certify the integration’s safety, giving warranty to the aircraft with that payload).

Contract Manufacturing (CM)

Aerofoundry maintains manufacturing facilities strategically distributed regionally to ensure cost optimization, and reduced testing and validation restrictions, and minimal export controls.

We offer our capabilities to other companies, on a contract basis, to manufacture aircraft fully designed by them, at a very competitive cost, with very high quality. Our work is Brazilian level quality, one of the best in the World.

We ensure that your aircraft design is safe and secured in our hands, and that the final product will fulfill your highest expectations.

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

When we encounter a scenario where our OAF or alternative aircraft projects are not the most adequate, we can design new airframes from scratch, following your specifications, adding shapes originality to facilitate your branding efforts, within budget constraints.

When a new airframe is designed for a specific customer, the IP is transferred to the customer.

We manufacturing the airframe, or set up a factory for you.