KÖpari: for mobile missions, operating under harsh conditions


Köpari 360 (Blue Hawk in Yanomami language) is an aircraft designed for rapid-deployment in rugged operational conditions, manufactured following strict Military standards with carbon fiber and aramide.

This airframe offers a versatile payload bay space capacity and high payload/airframe weight ration. The airframe architecture makes this aircraft an easy and fast to manufacture, reducing costs of acquisition and maintenance.

Köpari can be serviced and deployed by just a team of two operators .

Manufactured since 2016, Köpari addresses applications requiring higher maneuverability and flight response.

Be it in tropical rainforests, savannahs or deserts, you can rely on Aerofoundry’s Köpari to get the job done.

General Specifications

  • Aircraft Köpari
  • Wingspan 360cm
  • MTOW25kg
  • Payload7kg
  • Takeoff/LandingAuto; Rugged strip
  • Safety Recovery(optional)
  • Cruise Velocity120km/h
  • Max. Velocity160km/h
  • Take-off distance <140m
  • Endurance<8-12hrs
  • Datalink <100km

Kopari 360

Modular, spacious airframe