Engineering and Manufacturing

Our multidisciplinary team has designed quite a variety ofaerial platforms along the years, from a 12m wingspan to a tiny 90cm flying wing, including twin booms, tractor engined fixe wings, aerial sprying, and gliders.

We are advanced aerial operators with decades of experience flying, adapting, re-purposing, and redesigning aerial platforms the most varied applications. Our UAS desings are based on that long standing experience implemented with the most avanced aeronautics concepts, materials, and components.

If our unmanned platforms are not exactly aligned with your requirements, we can adapt, modify, or redesign them for you, or even design a new UAS from scratch.

We can also design unmanned platforms as OEM for third-party re-branding, with all required documentation and manuals.

Our aeronautics designers, advanced manufacturing infrastructure using 5-axis CNC, composite vacuum infusion and aeronautics alloys metalwork are at your service.

Integration and Configuration

We offer assistance services on selection and integration of power plants, avionics, flight control system, and sensors.


Aerofoundry's regional facilities are staffed and equipped to address engine and airframe overhaul to assist our customers with a smooth operational workflow.

Training and Outsourcing

Aerofoundry developed a structured training syllabus for UAS and payload operations to ensure our customers have an adequate level of operational proficiency and safety procedures. Our standard training courses include theory, and simulator and flight hands-on practice.

We also offer in-loco training and supervision, tailored applications-oriented training, and outsourcing of UAS operations all-together when local human resources are scarce or overburdened.