Köpari UASKöpari is a state-of-the-art rapid deployment UAS with a versatile payload capacity, high-end carbon fibre airframe, HF, fuel injection TBO engine for the most rugged operational environments.

Köpari: a versatile, reliable UAS

Köpari is a very advanced aeronautics product, designed upon de experience acquired from our Yaró 450, X400 and Watupá models and is our response to payload miniaturization and increased operational requirements in this segment.

This UAS is designed following Mil specifications and is proven in very demanding operational conditions. Köpari carries heavy fuel, dual spark, fuel injected, TBO certified engines.

Köpari has a simple fuselage architecture, for easier and faster manufacturing, reducing costs of acquisition and airframe maintenance. This model has three times more endurance than Yaró 450 carrying a similar payload, with a steadier navigation and higher flight ceiling.

Its light composite structure, with a high payload/airframe weight ration, was designed for long endurance, and medium to high altitude operations.

Köpari UAS is offered in two wingspan versions: 360cm (higher manoeuvrability and flight response, as required for aerial surveys and tactical ISR) and 500cm (higher aspect ration for lower fuel consumption, better payload capacity and a higher flight ceiling as required by ISR Mil applications and environmental monitoring).


Carbon fibre and composite sandwich manufactured.

3.6m and 5.0m wingspan,22-35kg MTOW.

Very high 18-24 hours endurance (depending on payload configuration).

<6000m flight ceiling with 30-60-100-250km radial coverage.

Parachute safety recovery.

Modular, easy to assemble.


Advanced flight control system with precise INS/GPS sensors.

1cm precision laser altimeter.

Automatic take-off and landing.

Navigation light for day/night flight.

ADS-B optional.

Rugged Linux or Android based GCS.

HIL flight simulator with X-Plane.

Aerial survey configuration

Dedicated centimetre level L1/L2 RTK
(horizontal accuracy of 1-2cm;
vertical accuracy of 5-8cm).

Dedicated datalogger.

Payload Options






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